Identity and Access Management

How does your access management maturity stack up?

Senior-level IT security professionals participated in a survey to uncover how their peers in other organizations regard their current IAM status.
Low overall maturity in IAM requirements.
Audit top driver for implementing IAM.
Rely on manual processes to control/audit access.
Experienced data theft which originated internally.
Enforce least privileged access.

Why is IAM so challenging?

In order to implement a complete IAM solution, you need to have an understanding about every distributed system, application, platform, and how each manages entitlements. And that’s just step 1!

Unknown inventory, gaps in ownership, data quality issues across books of record.

Failed audits due to excessive privileges, unable to identify and remediate permissions.

Lack of actionable intelligence; key data comes from many disparate sources.

Very manual, time consuming & ineffective access review and certification processes.

Inability to maintain a clean state; reporting & remediation requires both automation and expertise.

Absence of process to feed ownership and entitlements to existing IAM systems.

How SPHERExperts Can Help

SPHERE can help you design and implement an IAM solution or accelerate and fill any gaps you may have with your existing IAM deployment.

Least Privileged Access

We prune access by engaging with the right owner to make sure only the right people have access. Tools and processes are put in place to manage this process long term.

Role-Based Access

We map identities to the resources they require access to for their job function. This correlation of information, along with the appropriate HR system feeds, is used to create a role.

Accurate Ownership

We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach, so we created a waterfall process that takes multiple approaches into consideration and automates the initial massive task of establishing ownership and knowing whom to ask questions about access controls.

Clean AD Groups

We recognize how important Active Directory is to implementing effective access controls. We inventory the groups, identify how the group is used and ensure ownership is accurate.

Deep Dive on Privileged Accounts

We understand that security is a huge motivating factor for IAM programs. We'll help you establish stronger and tighter controls for your most important accounts.

Benefits of Identity and Access Management

Security and Data Breach Prevention

Regulatory and Audit Compliance

Efficiency and Productivity of Users

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