Restart Identity and Access Management on the Right Foot

Why is Identity and Access Management so challenging?

In order to implement a complete Identity and Access Management solution, you need to have an understanding about every distributed system, application, platform, and how each manages entitlements. And that’s just step 1!

Lack of Coverage

Firms onboard half of their applications and platforms into IAM workflows.

Poor Data Quality

70% of ownership data, inventory and associated metadata is inaccurate.

No Automation

Only 20% of necessary analytics are fed into IAM systems in an automated fashion.

SPHERExperts: Building Automation within Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management
SPHERE provides a practical methodology that drives automation for elevated access to an ever-growing number of technology assets, while managing potential security and compliance risks.

Assessment and Coverage

Inventory ALL applications, systems and platforms.

IAM Views and Automation

Establish automation into a variety of IAM views.

Asset Review and Certification

Collect, report and certify access to applications.

Active Directory Services

Inventory AD groups, identify usage and certify ownership.

Continous Monitoring

Stay audit-ready with ongoing remediation and analyses.

Our Approach

Our end-to-end approach delivers a deeper, smarter, and more automated way to reduce risk and better govern your Identity and Access Management environments.


Collect the data using existing technologies.


Correlate referential data from HR, CMDB and more.


Normalize data quality and discrepancy issues.


Identify ownership of asset and business area.


Enable a web-based portal for reporting.
To understand how this service connects to SPHEREboard, learn about our full methodology.

Ongoing Support with SPHERExperts

Professional Services

Signature services with a consultative approach to continuously mature and improve Identity and Access Management processes.

➝ Assessments

➝ Project Delivery and Remediation

➝ Connector Implementation

➝ Custom Solutions

Identity and Access Management

Managed Services

Ongoing support to deal with fluid and ever-changing requirements to ensure proper controls are in place.

➝ Owner Campaigns and Validation

➝ Ownership Catalogue

➝ New Access Violations

➝ Access Management Feeds

Identity and Access Management

Improved Identity and Access Management

It’s very simple and a basic tenet of IT security: Bad data in equals bad data out. Understanding the effective permissions and access of the users is critical and, by no means, a simple task.


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