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We are a woman-owned company that has redefined how organizations achieve controls across their environment.

SPHERE combines software and service in our SoftServe solution to provide actionable intelligence and remediation capabilities across end-user and privileged entitlements.  Our unmatched expertise comes from ten years of being solely focused on helping our clients reduce risk by solving their access governance challenges.

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Giving Back


SPHERE believes that a workplace is more than just a paycheck. At SPHERE we believe in the power of our community and make supporting local charities a top priority. This is why we have run philanthropic events for organizations like the Humane Society and local food banks as well as causes our employees are passionate about. Here at SPHERENation we believe in an organization’s social impact and an employee’s personal impact on their community. We offer every employee the opportunity to donate, volunteer and advocate for a cause they believe in.

Our Culture

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We define our success by our people, SPHERENation. The SPHERE team is a tight-knit group of knowledgeable industry experts, with just the right amount of overzealousness when it comes to access governance. Over the last decade, our team has developed a reputation for our expertise in data governance and helping our customers reduce risk. The pride that SPHERENation has for the work we have delivered is shared amongst all team members and comes from the knowledge that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome when this powerhouse team comes together.

Since 2010 we’ve been working with amazing organizations to help them reduce risk by protecting access to their data.

sphere insights

SPHERE Insights is an ongoing column written by various members of the SPHERE team, highlighting unique viewpoints and expertise. Read the latest from our team.


Our people are our pride

SPHERE is constantly on the hunt for talented individuals who are passionate about cybersecurity and are excited to take on the challenge to help customers secure their environments, prevent data breaches and implement the necessary governance processes.

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