Asset Ownership

Finding Data Owners

There is no one single magic formula that will pop out the answer to “who owns the data?”
Instead, you have to explore multiple methodologies and run these analytics in a logical series, leveraging a variety of different data sources, with multiple scenarios to avoid, adding business intelligence reflecting internal standards, as well as, algorithms that provide the right owner through possible multiple degrees of separation
SOUNDS TOUGH, DOESN’T IT? Because it is!
Luckily, we’ve automated it.
Webinar Replay: Data Ownership
Asset Review

Owners and their Entitlement Reviews

Owners are the authoritative source for making critical decisions about the data and assets they own, including validating access requirements, providing insights when objects can be retired, and much more.
SPHERE has created an automated way to reach out to these owners and:
✓ Confirm or reassign ownership
✓ Provide use case and descriptions
✓ Advise whether stale or active
✓ Approve or deny access
All owner feedback is maintained for audit purposes and remediation activities kicked off based on these results!

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