What is SPHEREboard?

SPHEREboard is an end-to-end workflow to understand the state of your environment, automate collection, identify immediate risks and seamlessly remediate.

Our Methodolgy

You can’t remediate without intelligent collection. We automate it.
Intelligence Hub is your data hunting workflow. Logical organization, ownership and collection creation, plus security reporting — all customized to how you manage your environment.



Act on your data. Reduce your risk.
Your Action Hub delivers simple and flexible workflows for successful, immediate risk reduction. Think: automating outreach and reviews and making critical changes.

SPHEREboard Controls

SPHEREboard has a variety of controls that enable better decision-making, improves workflows and highlights areas of critical importance.
Key insights into your most sensitive data with integrated remediation workflows. Explore DATAcontrols >>
Prioritize and remediate privileged access violations and track over time. Explore ACCOUNTcontrols >>
Streamline reporting and remediation efforts both on-prem and in the cloud. Explore MESSAGINGcontrols >>
Consolidate problematic groups and inform changes to critical systems. Explore GROUPcontrols >>

Translate roles and functions for migration and external sharing. Explore O365controls >>


Extrapolates true application access and regularly reviews entitlements. Explore APPcontrols >>

Information for All

Whether you are an Executive, Middle-Management Professional, or Engineer. SPHEREboard provides easy to understand reports and drill-down capabilities.

What’s new in SPHEREboard?

SPHEREboard v5.2 is here! Read our latest release notes to see what's new.

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