Welcome to SPHEREboard

Welcome to SPHEREboard

Introducing SPHEREboard 3.2

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be where you’ve always been.” – T.D. Jakes

SPHERE Development is always looking for ways to improve our product. Our goal is to empower our customers with the tools they need to have visibility into their risk through analysis, and then reduce that risk through action.  In SPHEREboard 3.0, we introduced the ability to take action on the issues we report on. We also introduced the Privileged Access Module, a new design framework as well as a slew of other features.

Building on top of that effort, this week we are proud to announce the release of SPHEREboard 3.2.  Here are just a few of the new features we think will enhance our customer’s user experience.

New Risk Dials

Our new cleaner, more elegant risk rating dials give you a quick view into what areas of your organization have the highest risk, and more importantly, where your remediation efforts will have the biggest impact to the overall risk reduction programs.  Improvements have also been made to the way we calculate risk ratings across all our modules.

Unstructured Data Module – Links to Filtered Collection Details

We have some customers that say “just show me the list” when it comes to seeing their collections and related security issues. To that end, we have been doing a lot of work in Unstructured Data Module (UDM) to quickly get them to the list of relevant collections. On Global Stats, we’ve added a link to Collections that takes you to a full list of all your collections.

Clicking on the list of open folders in the Open Access card takes you to the filtered list of all open collections for that Division.

Unstructured Data Module – New Numerical filters on Details Page

In this release we’ve added the ability to do mathematical filters on numerical fields like the number of subfolders, open folders, and excessive folders. This is a great way for our customers to do what-if analysis against their data, plan targeted remediations and have a better idea of what risk factors are affecting individual collections or groups of collections. For example, if you want to see all active collections in Equities that have at least 1,000 folders, 50 or more open folders and 20 or more excessive folders with over 100 instances of sensitive data, now you can do that!

Card Options and Search

Our new options menu docks all the card actions such as help, search and download. The new card search allows you to filter the results in any individual card.

Privileged Access Module – Global Search

We’ve added global search to the Privileged Access Module, so you can quickly look up a user, server, admin account, application or any other asset to quickly jump to the details about that resource. This new global search feature will make its way to every other SPHEREboard module in future releases.

We are always looking to improve on the experiences of our clients. We welcome any input and/or suggestion and will endeavor to include appropriate ones in future releases. If you have any comments, feel free to contact us.

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