Risks we mitigate

Automation and expertise to manage risk.


Exposure of sensitive data to inappropriate individuals


Increased attack surface that ransomware and attackers can exploit


Retention of stale data and breaches of data retention policies


Challenges we solve


Sphere combines our unique software solution with our expertise to help you manage your unstructured data

Our software solution gives you an understanding of your environment, identify risks, and automate remediation.

Expand your team’s capability to mitigate risk and implement proper controls by enlisting our team of experts solely focused on remediating your access control issues.

Manage your unstructured data

Logically organize your folders and files into Collections, organized by the various business units and departments in your organization. Assign ownership across your data sets and stack operational metrics and security metrics for reporting and remediation needs.

The Expertise you Need

SPHERE provides all the expertise necessary to continuously assess and remediate access control issues across your File Shares, SharePoint, Mailboxes, Public Folders and more.

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October 9, 2018

Klinck Joins SPHERE

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