The Big Engine That Could

The Big Engine That Could

I’m a car guy. I remember as a kid being fascinated with cars. The designs, how they worked everything that went into building them. So naturally, when it came time to name the back-end of SPHEREboard, I naturally gravitated to the word “engine”. It’s what drives and powers SPHEREboard, so it’s an engine, right?Over the last several months, we've come to realize that “engine” is no longer a good enough name. It fails to describe our complex algorithms, powerful analysis and cutting edge machine learning we’ve built into SPHEREboard and all of it's underlying components. What drives SPHEREboard today is not a linear, mechanical engine, it’s neural and complex. It’s less like an engine and more like a brain.

So today I’m proud to announce that we are renaming SPHEREengine to SPHEREai. SPHEREai is what powers SPHEREboard.

When we first started building SPHEREboard, our intention was always to be able to do with a product what our on-site engineers did for our customers with services. We started with inventory, then analysis, attestation and finally, with the introduction of Virtual Workers, remediation and action.

Over time, HOW we accomplished each of these tasks became more and more complex. How each component talks to the other, how correlation is done to achieve ownership or use case analysis or risk reporting was no longer as simple as moving a piece of data from here to here and add x. As we faced these technical issues, we found traditional ways of solving them; with scripts and linear thinking, was not enough. As we faced more complex problems, we had to build more sophisticated methods of solving them.

Yet despite this complexity, if you’ve even seen a demo of SPHEREboard, it all seems deceptively simple. We do all the complex correlation and analysis behind the scenes so our users can focus on what really matter; risk reduction and better security through actionable intelligence.

In the coming months, we will introduce more machine learning and deep analytics to SPHEREboard as we continue to develop the next-generation of security tools. At SPHERE, and especially with SPHEREboard, our goal has always been to provide powerful yet pragmatic reporting that leads to real risk reduction and better security. We’ve always said What’s the point of a report if you can’t take action and fix the issues? Risk reporting is useless without action. Action is useless unless it leads to a more secure environment. SPHEREboard and SPHEREai is how we do it!

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Rosario Mastrogiacomo
Director of Product

Rosario is Director of Product at SPHERE Technology Solutions. As an experienced technology executive with over 20 years of experience, Mastrogiacomo is responsible for the strategy of SPHERE’s suite of solutions including SPHEREai and SPHEREboard. Prior to joining SPHERE, Mastrogiacomo held high-level positions at multiple Financial Services organizations; managing technology groups charged with core infrastructure, and end-user products.

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