Automating File Remediations: The Simplest of Buttons

The initial business momentum of 2020 is clearly in our rear view mirror and the economic forecasts driven by the COVID 19 Pandemic have been devastating to business both large and small. With post-apocalyptic work environments taking shape across the...

SPHEREboard Fridays

Data Ownership In the first part of our multi-part SPHEREboard Fridays Webinar Series, our Director of Architecture and Design, Rosario Mastrogiacomo, demoed our own product software SPHEREboard and shows how we have simplified one of the most complicated...

Can we be Frank?

We wish we were talking Sinatra, but we’re not. Dodd-Frank has been around for many years and has over 240 rules, and it’s not just about financial stability.  There are numerous rules which cover the areas of data that SPHERE specializes in. It’s...