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Who Monitors Your Monitors?

As you maintain compliance, increase security and enact your data governance policies, there is one area that is of utmost importance. Who is minding the store? We hear more and more about data breaches, mostly from outside forces, but what are they utilizing to get as much information as possible? Sometimes it’s by hacking into the accounts that have access to all of the data.

Having a strong policy for Access Control and Identity Management includes having an ability to monitor, track and verify who has the keys to your castle. Administrator level controls give access to almost all of your information. If one of those accounts gets hacked, the hackers just back-up the truck and take everything. If that access is controlled, then the loss is mitigated.

Perhaps it’s not just external threats you are wary of; if there is internal behavior that is an issue, you need to have the ability to find out quickly what is the issue, where is problem and fix it as soon as possible. Identity and Access Management is a component of any strong Data Governance policy.

How do you monitor your monitors?

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