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Data Governance or Data Security?

For as long as people have been collecting data, there has been the need to secure that data to ensure that only the people that must have access do have access. The idea around Data Security is locking down the data, all data, regardless of the type of data that is being protected. Lock out everyone and only allow those that absolutely need access. This has been the default stance in enterprises, governments and pretty much any organization.

Today, however, we live in a Big Data world where a company’s data is as important as any other asset in their balance sheet. We live in a world where companies that find ways to make sense of the large volumes of data they generate can gain a competitive advantage, or possibly ward off the new disruptive upstart. On the flip side, a company that doesn’t properly manage critical data (like private customer data) can expect a loss of revenue, reputational damage or regulatory fines.

Data Governance is focused on securing data based primarily on the type of data being protected. It’s having a better understanding of the people, process and technology around your data and ensuring that the right people have access to the right data.

So Data Governance, not Data Security should be the new mantra.  The priority should not be to ensure the data is locked to everyone, but to properly secure the data while giving access to those that could use it. Data Governance is having an understanding of what data you have, who has access, who can benefit from that access and how to properly secure that data. Of course, security is an inherent part of Data Governance. Data Governance is ensuring that the security around the people, process and data is protecting, as well as, growing your business.

What is your Data Governance strategy?

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