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Privilege Access Management

Privileged accounts represent the largest security vulnerability an organization faces today. In the hands of an external attacker or malicious insider, privileged accounts allow attackers to take full control of an organization’s IT infrastructure, disable security controls …..

The Technology

SPHERE partners with a variety of partners that provide value in the Privilege Access Management space including Quest and CyberArk. This datasheet focuses on CyberArk and their solution around Privileged Access Management technology. CyberArk provides tools to manage access to privileged accounts; manage fine grained access to privilege; monitor the use...

Building Sustainable Processes

There is far more to privileged access management than just technology however. SPHERE provides a range of services designed to help you build sustainable processes as part of your Privilege Access Management strategy. SPHERE will…

Active Directory Evaluation

An Active Directory Evaluation is a rapid and effective service offering to gain critical insights into the state of your AD. Through this evaluation, you will learn about your environment and how to move to a cleaner, safer state. We will answer the following questions:

  • What  are the objects and their potential use case?
  • Who has elevated privileged permissions?
  • What systems are vulnerable to security threats?

Key Benefits:

Through our Active Directory Evaluation, you will learn about your environment and how to move to a cleaner state; determining ownership, access, and security.

By providing a deeper understanding of your current environment we can find the areas of concern and show your organization the optimal way of configuring, securing and maintaining your Active Directory environment. You will know what you have, who has access and how your environment is configured.

SPHEREboard provides critical analytics, a mechanism for remediating issues and a single pane of glass for your organization, automating your compliance.SPHEREboard

SPHEREboard is a culmination of years of experience working with organizations to solve complex Governance, Security and Compliance issues. In every implementation of SPHEREboard, we combine our business intelligence, your institutional knowledge  and industry best practices to manage your resources.

The goal of SPHEREboard is to provide a visual representation of critical analytics, a simple mechanism for remediating new issues and a single pane of glass for all levels of your organization. SPHEREboard provides critical analytics, a mechanism for remediating issues and a single pane of glass for your organization, automating your compliance. SPHEREboard empowers you to manage your data, systems and the access to them. By integrating and correlating data from disparate systems, we provide all facets of information from an executive overview down to the administrative details.

Active Directory Groups

Active Directory Groups serve as a primary mechanism for providing access to resources including data, applications and systems. They are a core security control that must be managed appropriately to strengthen security and improve compliance with policies dictating systems access and use. Having strong controls on Active Directory groups has a positive impact on many security work stream.

Download this datasheet to understand both our partners Quest tools that are fundamental in this exercise along with the deliverables from SPHERE services, where SME’s would leverage Quest tools, in conjunction with their own expertise, to provide visibility, a gap analysis and recommendations for effective governance.

Identity and Access Management


Identity and Access Management is not a trivial one-time exercise. It is a commitment that you will make to continuously improve your control mechanisms and bring maturity to your organization on how you report and manage entitlements. IAM is incredibly complicated because it touches every application, platform, end user and system at your company.




Implementing a Functional Strategy 

Data governance is one of the most business-critical disciplines to have emerged within enterprises over the last decade. Through data governance, organizations are looking to exercise positive control over the processes and methods used to manage their data repositories.


Public Folders in Exchange 2013

Whitepaper Migration Guide Public Folders

If you’re like most organizations, your current public folders are most likely in disarray. Whether you are migrating to Exchange 2013  or just want to get a handle on your public folders, you are going to have to understand what you have, who owns the folders, who has access to them, who is accessing them, and what is stale or active.

How to Deliver Privileged Access Management

Running a PAM project can be a big challenge for an organization. Many security projects can be largely stand alone, impacting operational teams in the business only peripherally and often only during deployment. PAM projects are different in that they seek to change operational processes in a way which is certain to impact support and application teams and may also impact developers and other teams. Successful PAM projects can actually have a beneficial effect upon overall operational effectiveness however, not only reducing the number outages within an organization but actually making it quicker and easier for authorized individuals to access systems for maintenance and repair


During M & A activity, it is imperative to learn about the different assets, controls and policies followed by both organizations. Often times, integration becomes a very challenging requirement operationally. In the past, integrations were slow and rarely completed on time and in budget. But, with the growing regulatory environment and information security concerns, the needs to integrate and have the visilbility you need is even more critical. This case study provides insights into how SPHERE focused on a specific platform, SharePoint, to analyze the environment and provide insights into key risks and issues.

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