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It’s All About the Data

It is critical to have in place the appropriate rules that govern the explosive amounts of unstructured data that is being generated daily. That means knowing what you have, who is the authoritative source to own it and who can access it.

Business Data Risk

85% of business data is unstructured, an amount that doubles every 90 days.

Internal Vulnerabilities

94% of all critical vulnerabilities can be mitigated by removing excessive access.

Bottom-Line Impact

The typical US-based enterprise will lose on average $7.91M from a breach.

SPHERExperts: Ongoing Governance for Unstructured Data

Ongoing Governance for Unstructured Data
SPHERE provides all the expertise necessary to continuously assess and remediate access control issues across your File Shares, SharePoint, Mailboxes, Public Folders and more.


Inventory and analyze data for access control issues.

Process Governance

Define workstreams across File Shares, SharePoint and more.

Entitlement Reviews and Certifications

Use “waterfall approach” to find and certify owners.


Develop model to support security and compliance.

Multi-Platform Integration

Feed clean ownership and entitlements to existing systems.

Our Approach

Our end-to-end automation allows us to deliver a deeper, smarter, and more time-efficient approach to assess and remediate issues across your unstructured data platforms.


Scan every file share and system.


Normalize data, adding referential sources.


Establish actionable metrics and criteria.


Visualize and prioritize risk and violations.


Reconcile faster without business disruption.
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Ongoing Support with SPHERExperts

Professional Services

Signature services with a consultative approach to continuously mature and improve your unstructured data environments.

➝ Assessments

➝ Project Delivery and Remediation

➝ Connector Implementation

➝ Custom Solutions

Ongoing Governance for Unstructured Data

Managed Services

Ongoing support to deal with fluid and ever-changing requirements to ensure proper controls are in place.

➝ Ongoing Governance

➝ Annual Audits

➝ Continuous Customization

➝ New Software Integration

Ongoing Governance for Unstructured Data

Unstructured Data, Implementing a Functional Strategy

Data governance is one of the most business-critical disciplines to have emerged within enterprises over the last decade. Through data governance, organizations are looking to exercise positive control over the processes and methods used to manage their data repositories.


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