Security Advisory Services

Helping Companies with Cyber Security Strategies

Your data is a critical asset and creates your competitive advantage.
You need to know what needs to be protected and make sure the protection
is proportional with the value of the data you’re trying to protect.

Cybersecurity Assessments

SPHERE can help by identifying your vulnerabilities in people, process or technology. Working with a client’s target cybersecurity framework, SPHERE can assess their current state and build a roadmap to their future state. Our assessment approach is based on examination of records and interviews of key personnel.
Below are some of the commonly used frameworks:

Policy and Process Development

To have an effective cyber security program, you need to implement administrative controls.
The very first task is to outline policies around acceptable and expected behaviors.
SPHERE can assist in developing the necessary suite of information security policies to strengthen your risk posture

Information Security

Business Continuity

3rd Party


Our CISO offering can provide support and guidance to your Information Technology Department to build your Cybersecurity Program that focuses on ensuring the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your Information Systems.

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