Risk Reduction

Measuring Risk with SPHEREboard!

Understand and prioritize risk in your organization in the same way you would remediate risk in your organization.
Whether you want to compare regions, measure departments against one another,
SPHEREboard can create the right view for you!
Managing risk can be accomplished with the right visibility. Check out a past webinar about
how SPHEREboard solves challenges around your unstructured data:
Supercharge your governance, Security and Compliance with SPHEREboard

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

There must be a continuous cycle that constantly identifies new risks, policies are reevaluated and updated,
ongoing remediation occurs as new issues arise and tools are in place to help manage the process.

It’s (almost) always about THE DATA…

The majority of risk reduction centers on protecting “the data”.
At SPHERE, we understand the key challenges around implementing controls
around “the data” and have built an expertise around “the data” to help our customers stay compliant.
Below are some common challenges SPHERE helps address!
Classifying sensitive data should be a central theme. Hear from Vijay Viswanathan, Chief Information Security Officer at HD Supply about how data classification supports DLP in this video: Data Loss Prevention and Access Management.

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