Times Up – Get Rid of Your Public Folders

Public Folders and the Cloud

85% of business data is unstructured, an amount that doubles every 90 days. Unstructured data across cloud Office365, layered with improperly managed mailboxes and distribution lists, can create a complex network of inappropriate permissions and ownership that increase security risk. Public folders only add to that risk.

Migration Requirements

O365 migrations require Public Folders elimination in their current form.

Unclear Licensing Needs

There is a lot of misinformation across O365 licensing models.

VIP Mailboxes

Unnecessary legacy access and stale shared mailboxes create undue risk.

SPHERExperts: Public Folder Elimination and O365 Readiness

Public Folders and Office 365 Readiness
SPHERE provides the expertise to provide deep analysis on Messaging assets and help to improve migration requirements. Our dedicated team will remediate all access controls issues, retire unused assets that arent required and migrate to the appropriate alternate repository.


Inventory public folders and use case to map to an alternate repository​.


Identify migration requirements, permissions and assets.

Risk Analysis

Conduct risk analyses and assign a risk value for prioritization.


Reconcile and standardize messaging assets and public folder environment.


Complete migration to the appropriate alternative repository.

Our Approach

Our end-to-end approach delivers a deeper, smarter, and more automated way to reduce risk and better govern your messaging and collaboration environments.


Scan on prem, cloud, AD, SharePoint and more.


Examine for open, excessive and non-standard access.


Establish actionable metrics for use cases.


Gain visibility into every major risk.


Remediate assets based on prioritized risk.
To understand how this service connects to SPHEREboard, learn about our full methodology.

Ongoing Support with SPHERExperts

Professional Services

Signature services with a consultative approach to continuously mature and improve your messaging and collaboration environment.

➝ Assessments, including Microsoft Teams

➝ Project Delivery and Remediation

➝ Connector Implementation

➝ Custom Solutions

Public Folders and Office 365 Readiness

Managed Services

Ongoing support to deal with fluid and ever-changing requirements to ensure proper controls are in place.

➝ O365 Analysis and Planning

➝ SharePoint and OneDrive Reporting

➝ Target Operating Model Build

Public Folders and Office 365 Readiness

Public Folders and the Cloud, A Migration Guide

There are few information stores in the enterprise that rival the digital assets housed in mailboxes and public folders across the cloud. Cloud migration means that you need to take stock of these assets and answer key questions about access and security – you can’t simply upgrade public folders from earlier versions of Exchange.


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