Platforms & Infrastructure

Infrastructure Governance

We recognize to properly manage your systems and gain visibility into
specific insights necessary to manage risk, the data comes from a variety of sources and pulling
all this information together in a logical and scalable way is our specialty.
Infrastructure Governance
Then, we process all this data and apply all sorts of interesting analytics
and present the results in a clean and easy to navigate interface.

Windows Privileged Access

Below are some key principles to better manage and secure your
Windows servers for wrongdoing by those internally with elevated privileges.
Windows Privileged Access
To learn more about internal threats that could cause damage to your company, watch this webinar replay!
Mitigate Active Directory Risk

Active Directory Groups and Data Risk

AD groups are the primary mechanisms for providing access to resources in your organization. It’s important to have an accurate catalogue of what each group is used for. Read about what’s at risk.



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