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Series B Financing

SPHERE Receives $31 Million for Series B Funding from Edison Partners, Forgepoint Capital

The New Capital Will Accelerate Growth and Expansion of SaaS Identity Hygiene Platform

As experts in cybersecurity and leaders in Identity Hygiene, SPHERE will use the funds to continue providing automated platforms and tech-enabled managed services to address the challenges of system access and data quality control. Our flagship platform SPHEREboard will continue to address the needs of Identity Hygiene for companies around the world.


SPHERE CEO & Founder
Rita Gurevich

Sanitize Your Identity Data

SPHEREboard makes sure the right users have access to the right files, so your organization’s data and your customers’ data are never in the wrong hands. 

Secure Your
Privileged Accounts

Accounts with privileged access have unfettered access to a company’s critical data and IT assets. SPHEREboard safeguards data so no one has access to data they’re not supposed to.

Manage Your
Unstructured Data

It’s critical to have the appropriate rules in place to govern the explosive amounts of unstructured data being generated daily. SPHEREboard flags stale data and secures it so nothing falls by the wayside. 

Edison Partners Champions SPHERE As Leaders in Identity Hygiene

Edison Partners is a leading growth equity firm providing the financial and intellectual capital that CEOs and their executive teams need to grow and scale their companies.

With a proven track record of over 30 years of history as a firm, Edison Partners is one of the premier champions and market leaders for cybersecurity investment. Proud to invest in female-owned companies, Edison Partners is excited for what lies ahead for SPHERE.

Edison Partners Managing Partner Lenard Marcus

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Accelerating Identity Hygiene Requirements

Your own digital identity can be difficult to verify at times. So, managing the identities of everyone in a company or firm can feel impossible. However, keeping your data and your customers’ data secure at all times is absolutely necessary, and that includes making sure no one is accessing files they shouldn’t.

Identity and access management (IAM) represents the framework within your business to manage digital identities. This includes the processes, policies and technologies that keep everyone’s electronic identities where they need to be.

Getting IAM right is a complex and difficult task, which also means there are plenty of different ways it can go wrong. Whether from lack of coverage (not all applications, systems and platforms are onboarded fully) or poor data quality (information is inaccurate, incomplete or not updated), the hurdles between you and polished Identity Hygiene can seem difficult to overcome. Not to mention other hurdles big and small, like insufficient automation strategies, lack of actionable intelligence and poor maintenance.

With so many moving parts, it can feel like once your Identity Hygiene takes a dip it’s impossible to get back up to speed. Beyond the complexity, the despair is enough to send IT and HR into a fit.

Don’t worry! No matter the hurdles, SPHERE can help you run this race. Our flagship platform SPHEREboard scans and assesses your data and highlights “pain points” where threats related to IAM need the most care. It also organizes and reports on your Identity Hygiene all in a central easy-to-manage location. With that knowledge at your fingertips, clear solutions on your dashboard, and our experts ready to help, your IAM difficulties will be in your rearview mirror in no time.


Focus on your high-risk users


Resolve mismanaged permissions


Remove open, excessive, and non-standard access

IAM feeds

Sanitize and ship your source data

What Can SPHEREboard Do For You?

  • Evaluate your access and data protection controls
  • Protect users and data across cloud and on-premises
  • Remediate vulnerable users, groups, and data
  • Maintain an evergreen estate

Locking Down Your Most Privileged Accounts

Not all your data is customer-facing. Beyond that, not all data is accessible by everyone in your business, and some data requires special access to be viewed. Privileged Access Management (PAM) refers to the cybersecurity mechanisms used to safeguard the identities of users that have special access to guarded data.

Every business is different, and therefore requires different controls and permissions when addressing privileged information. SPHEREboard helps your business face your individual PAM needs according to your criteria.

Because every business is different, the kinds of problems PAM presents are different for each business. Are most data stored in a cloud system or on local servers? What kinds of applications organize your data? How are files named and organized? How are security risks reported? The list goes on and on.

Most problems boil down to a business knowing what data should be certified for an onboarding process and how access is pruned. Think of it like a system of vaults. Do you know which vaults contain which data? Furthermore, do you know who has keys to each vault? This simple process can get complicated very quickly, especially since new vaults and new keyholders pop up all the time.

SPHEREboard makes the complicated solutions to PAM simple and straightforward. Our flagship platform collects, analyzes, and organizes data and sends you a succinct report of where discovery gaps and access issues exist. Together with our highly capable experts, you can be sure all your data is secure and all users have access to the data they need (and nothing they don’t).

See how your PAM issues could be a thing of the past. Schedule a free tech consultation today!

Identifying Vulnerable Data

Managing where your data files are located and who has access to them has always been an issue of great importance. Ever since the pandemic in 2020, however, with most businesses moving their data to cloud systems, data governance has shifted dramatically. SPHERE has been ahead of the game, developing a platform that helps you keep an eye on your data governance and ensuring the security of your data.

It seems straightforward. Just keep everything in files and keep the files in order. However, many problems can get in the way of your data governance goals. Data governance includes the availability, usability, integrity and security of data within an organization, and each of those processes face several issues. Whether its files and folders being corrupted, to the wrong people accessing files, or the right people not able to access files, data governance gets very complicated very fast.

SPHEREboard provides a holistic view into your data governance and provides easy-to-access feedback and solutions so you can make sure your data and your customers’ data are secure at all times. By collecting, analyzing, and organizing data, SPHEREboard is able to create a comprehensive report on your Identity Hygiene and provides the quickest and best solutions for getting your data governance to the level it needs to be.

Take command of your data governance today and schedule a free tech consultation!

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The Future of Cyber Is Female

The entire SPHERE team is dedicated to addressing the talent and diversity shortage in the cybersecurity industry. That’s why we launched SP(HER)E – pronounced SPHERE HER – an interactive channel designed to highlight female leadership in cybersecurity. The initiative, which stands for Helping Everyone Rise, will highlight diverse women and allies in security and technology.

SP(HER)E’s mission is to invest in and recruit young women looking to make their mark in the security space by offering them hands-on experience and professional advice.

“Edison Partners is also proud to support female trailblazers like Rita Gurevich, who are closing the gender diversity gap in a historically male-dominated industry.” – Lenard Marcus, Edison Partners

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