SPHEREboard for Unstructured Data

SPHEREboard for Unstructured Data provides an automated, yet practical approach, for the discovery, certification and remediation of entitlement issues across your unstructured data platforms.

We deliver an end-to-end solution to reduce risk and better govern your unstructured data.

Automation to Identify, Prioritize and Remediate Risk

Single Pane of Glass Across All Platforms

Make Sense and Govern Your Unstructured Data

Cleaning Up Open Access

Watch how SPHEREboard can help you solve open access issues, step-by-step.


How it Works

Data Collection and Correlation

Collect data from all your unstructured data platforms. Correlate with information from your CMDB’s and HR systems. Pull in contextual data from your DLP and SIEM platforms. Leverage and enhance your existing security point solutions by integrating into the SPHEREboard platform.

Ownership and Usage

Organize billions of folders and files into logical Collections. Collections are datasets used by the same people for the same purpose and greatly simplifies how to get your head wrapped around your data! Assign ownership to collections and then map to a department. Overlay stale versus active metrics to understand how much data can be retired across the different business areas.

Risk Reporting

Based on key security issues, understand which area is the most exposed and vulnerable to a data breach. Prioritize issues based on the level of risk and dive deep into individual instances of open access, excessive access and non-standard access. Integrate with your DLP and understand high risk sensitive data.


Whether you need to remediate a new instance of open access, or are doing a full permissions overhaul, it all starts with communicating with the data owner. Through our Asset Review Module (ARM), create a campaign and ask data owners about how their collections are used, who should have access and schedule changes. Using SPHEREboard Virtual Workers, automate the standardization of access based on owner responses.

Ongoing Reporting

Good governance means constant visibility and understanding if the environment is getting better or worse. An interactive point-in-time dashboard is key to getting an understanding of the current state of risk. Additionally, maintaining history of previous scans, and leveraging this information to trend future state, also can help drive priorities.

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Unstructured Data, Implementing a Functional Strategy

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SPHEREboard for Unstructured Data


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