SPHEREboard for O365controls

SPHEREboard for O365controls translates roles and functions for migration and external sharing.


Single Pane of Glass Across On-Prem and Cloud Infrastructure

Proper Governance of Cloud Infrastructure

Automation to Identify, Prioritize and Remediate Risk

Our Methodology


SPHEREboard delivers comprehensive, flexible and configurable O365 controls and file ingestor options.


SPHEREboard enables ongoing role and function translation and correlation to relevant metadata.


SPHEREboard delivers enterprise metrics with drill down details to proactively hone-in on specific security issues and interactive access investigation capabilities.


SPHEREboard delivers holistic and customizable mailbox review with fully audited tracking capabilities.


SPHEREboard delivers simple and flexible templates for automated actions alongside integration with 3rd party change management systems.

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Migration Guide:

Public Folders and Office365


Moving a Legacy Exchange Environment to O365

Data Sheet:

SPHEREboard for O365controls

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