SPHEREboard for MESSAGINGcontrols

SPHEREboard for MESSAGINGcontrols streamlines reporting and remediation efforts both on-prem and in the cloud.


Proper Governance of User, VIP and Shared Mailboxes

Identify and Certify Distribution List Ownership and Membership

Eliminate Public Folders

Our Methodology


SPHEREboard delivers agentless, comprehensive, flexible messaging controls with a small footprint.


SPHEREboard allows you to catalogue specific assets with VIP Ownership identification alongside associated metadata correlation.


SPHEREboard delivers enterprise metrics with drill down details to proactively hone-in on specific security issues.


SPHEREboard delivers holistic and customizable mailbox review with fully audited tracking capabilities.


SPHEREboard delivers simple group membership changes and permission standardization.

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Migration Guide:

Public Folders and Office365

Data Sheet:

SPHEREboard for MESSAGINGcontrols

Business Case:

MESSAGINGcontrols for Financial

Business Case:

MESSAGINGcontrols for Healthcare

Take control of your messaging environment.