SPHEREboard for MESSAGINGcontrols

SPHEREboard for MESSAGINGcontrols streamlines reporting and remediation efforts both on-prem and in the cloud.

Proper Governance of User, VIP and Shared Mailboxes

Identify and Certify Distribution List Ownership and Membership

Eliminate Public Folders

Our Methodology


Assess your environment to develop a complete picture of systems, accounts, users and access. We’ll scan Exchange on prem and Office365, Azure AD, SharePoint and more. With SPHEREboard, you’ll be able to correlate information from HR systems, CMDB’s and all other platforms that supply contextual data.


Validate accurate owners across each asset (mailbox, public folder, DL, etc.) and then catalogue who should have access. We’ll help you establish actionable metrics through your unique business context, including individual use cases and ownership automation.


We’ll help you visualize exactly where your security issues lie and determine how to prioritize them. Identify stale/empty assets to reduce the overall size and overhead require to manage your environment. Examine your systems for open, excessive and non-standard access.


Risk ratings provide insight into areas of concern and establish guidelines for a remediation approach. We’ll help you assign risk, scan source systems and inventory your messaging accounts, then remediate the assets that have the biggest impact or overall risk to the organization. You’ll have the necessary actionable intelligence to drive lasting change.


Regularly identify new risks as they arise and maintain a history of previous metrics for visibility into the improvement or worsening of security issues. Leverage this information to trend future state to help drive priorities.

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SPHEREboard for MESSAGINGcontrols

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MESSAGINGcontrols for Financial

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MESSAGINGcontrols for Healthcare

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