SPHEREboard for GROUPcontrols

SPHEREboard for GROUPcontrols consolidates problematic Active Directory groups and provides a mechanism to certify and understand how changes impact critical systems.


Identify Problematic Groups and Remediate

Catalogue Ownership and Establish Use Case

Automate Certification of Ownership Usage and Membership

Our Methodology


Assess your environment to develop a complete picture of systems, accounts, users and access. We leverage a light-weight, flexible approach that supports multiple domains and data sources.


Our proprietary ownership automation allows you to organize and consolidate problematic groups by risk.


We’ll help you visualize exactly where your security issues lie and determine how to prioritize them. Enterprise metrics drill down breadcrumb paths. Simple views help eliminate surplus groups.


Fully audited review with tracking capability displayed in a business-friendly dashboard. With a holistic and customizable review function, you’ll have the necessary actionable intelligence to drive lasting change.


Access simple and flexible templates for automated actions. Integrate with 3rd party change management systems and leverage the system to trend future state and help drive priorities.

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SPHEREboard for GROUPcontrols

Data Sheet:

Mitigating Active Directory Risk


Automate AD Group Certification

Take the complexity out of Active Directory groups.