SPHEREboard for APPcontrols

SPHEREboard for APPcontrols provides a simple process for onboarding and certifying entitlements for all your critical applications.


Dedicated Details Pages for Onboarded Applications

Automate Application Access Reviews

Deep Dive Into Application Role Analytics

Our Methodology


SPHEREboard provides configurable file ingestion options that are flexible and light-weight and can be automated for ongoing data refreshes.


SPHEREboard translates and organizes role and function information then correlates relevant metadata for accurate and up to date analytics.


SPHEREboard provides enterprise metrics with drill down details into individual roles, functions and accounts. This interactive design allows for ad-hoc access investigation capabilities.


SPHEREboard provides a solution for scheduled entitlement review or as-needed certifications for clean-up requirements. The solution is holistic, customizable and includes a business friendly presentation layer. Full audited with tracking capabilities is also provided.


SPHEREboard provides simple solutions for adding and removing access. This includes modifying AD group members, and integration with 3rd party change management systems.

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SPHERE Insights: Entitlement Review Blackout

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SPHEREboard for APPcontrols

Take control of your entitlement reviews.