SPHEREboard for ACCOUNTcontrols

SPHEREboard for ACCOUNTcontrols prioritizes and remediates privileged access violations and tracks them over time.


Full Visibility and Control

Actionable Intelligence

Depth of Automation

Our Methodology


SPHEREboard delivers agentless, comprehensive, flexible account control with a small footprint.


SPHEREboard provides correlation between accounts, servers and applications with account use case and ownership association.


SPHEREboard delivers configurable rules for risk reduction efforts with integration into vaulting solutions.


SPHEREboard delivers holistic and customizable account review with fully audited tracking capabilities.


SPHEREboard delivers workflows to ensure proper pruning of access, whether to onboard onto your management solutions or for integration into governance processes.

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Privileged Access Management, Filling The Gaps

Data Sheet:

SPHEREboard for ACCOUNTcontrols 

Solutions Brief: 

CyberArk Integrated with SPHEREboard

Take the complexity out of policy violations.