SPHEREboard for ACCOUNTcontrols

SPHEREboard for ACCOUNTcontrols prioritizes and remediates privileged access violations and tracks them over time.

Full Visibility and Control

Actionable Intelligence

Depth of Automation

Our Methodology


Assess your environment to develop a complete picture of systems, accounts, users and access. We’ll pull all your data sources to accurately identify true reach of your accounts. Here’s where we’ll help you automate:

  1. Enumerating all groups to find effective memberships.
  2. Mapping every account to every server.
  3. Mapping every application to every server.
  4. Identifying administrator instances on a per account and per server basis.


Validate accurate owners, then catalogue who should have access. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. We’ll help you establish actionable metrics through your unique business context, including individual use cases and ownership automation. Having a validated owner is integral to your security posture. This individual will be the authoritative source of information related to how the accounts are used, whether they are required, how access can be pruned as well as ongoing recertification requirements as part of overall access management initiatives.


Establish risk levels (high, medium and low) associated with accounts, servers, and applications based on their respective business units. We’ll help you visualize exactly where your security issues lie and determine how to prioritize them. It’s time to understand your risk profile. With a mature password vaulting solution in place, organizations assume 80% of their privileged access accounts are being managed and monitored properly — but, once assessed with SPHEREboard for PAM, the reality is much closer to 20%.


Fully automate and simplify owner outreach for certifications, prune access where needed and onboard to your password vaulting technology. Risk ratings provide insight into areas of concern and establish guidelines for a remediation approach. We’ll help you assign risk, scan source systems and inventory your privileged accounts, then remediate the assets that have the biggest impact (i.e. highest reach) on overall risk to the organization. You’ll have the necessary actionable intelligence to drive lasting change.


Regularly identify new risks as they arrive and review true access to source systems to ensure the environment remains green, long-term (to your end state and beyond!) This is where you begin to close the loop on longer-term PAM governance by automating these ongoing analyses. Even with a clean environment, you need to have the ability to identify new issues that pop up and mitigate risk by remediating. We’ll regularly review access to source systems and identify new risks through automated analyses.

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SPHEREboard for ACCOUNTcontrols 

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