Behind The Scenes: SPHEREai

Our enterprise-ready architecture is built for BIG organizations but used by companies of all sizes. We love data and our architecture allows us to ingest, correlate, analyze and report on all types of data so we can provide critical security and risk reporting for all your governance needs.

What’s New in SPHEREai?

SPHEREai leverages complex algorithms, powerful analysis, and cutting-edge machine learning to provide greater visibility, security, and risk reduction for our customers. Rosario Mastrogiacomo, our Director of Product, talks about SPHEREai in his latest blog post. Click below to read.

The Big Engine That Could


Purpose-Built Solution

Once data is ingested into SPHEREai, the fun begins!


Analytics are created leveraging your institutional knowledge, industry standards, and most importantly, smarts we've learned along the way by implementing hundreds of governance and security initiatives!

Logically organize your data


Identify most likely owner


Find most high-risk issues


The answer is not in one place…
Let’s look at ownership.

Finding ownership is not easy. We know, we’ve been doing it for years. We have created an automated process that takes the struggle out of finding owners and communicating with them.
SPHEREai enables visibility into the data that makes it easier. By ingesting information from a variety of sources, utilizing sophisticated algorithms and presenting the findings in our purpose-built solution, SPHEREboard, finding owners is no longer a painful process.


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