Behind The Scenes: SPHEREengine

Our enterprise-ready architecture is built for BIG organizations but used by companies of all sizes.
We love data and our architecture allows us to ingest, correlate, analyze and report on all types of data
so we can provide critical security and risk reporting for all your governance needs.

It’s all about the Connectors…

Connectors ingest and normalize data from disparate systems into SPHEREengine. They are agent-less and flexible and can ingest a plethora of data from all sorts of sources ranging from our partners to custom internally developed applications.

Business Intelligence

Once data is ingested into SPHEREengine, the fun begins!

The answer is not in one place…
Let’s look at ownership.

Instead, you have to explore multiple methodologies and run these analytics in a logical series, leveraging a
variety of different data sources, with multiple scenarios to avoid, adding business intelligence reflecting internal standards, as well as,
algorithms that provide the right owner through possible multiple degrees of separation.

SOUNDS TOUGH, DOESN’T IT? Because it is!

Luckily, we’ve automated it.

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