What is SPHEREboard?

Your very own risk reporting and remediation automation solution!
SPHEREboard highlights the important information needed to make critical decisions. Empowering users
by correlating information from a variety of data sets. SPHEREboard uses existing sources of information to give a unique
view to all levels of users up to the C-suite.

What’s new in SPHEREboard?

SPHEREboard 4.6 Release Notes

SPHEREboard 4.6 Release Notes

SPHEREboard is our highly innovative tool that is completely customizable to the end-user. Read our latest release notes to see what's new.

It’s Time to Remediate!

When it comes to remediation, SPHEREboard has mastered tactics that allow us to find the problems, identify owners, fix the problems and report on progress. Over time, we have automated these requirements and can deliver these through SPHEREboard, making projects go smoother, faster, more predictable and more cost-effective.

SPHEREboard Modules

SPHEREboard has a variety of modules that enables better decision-making, improves workflows and highlights areas of critical importance.
Our most popular modules are:
Unstructured Data Module (UDM)
Working with a variety of data sets you get the visibility and detailed analysis that improves your ability to control the environment.
Active Directory Groups (ADG)
Reduce risk by understanding your AD groups; who is being granted access to data and technology resources.
Asset Review Module (ARM)
Reaching out to 1,000's of owners of data; applications; servers, etc. is a challenge. Utilize ARM to create easy-to-use workflows to conduct the appropriate reviews.
Privileged Accounts (PAM)

Get insight into the users and accounts that have the highest level of access in your environment.

Asset Ownership Management (AOM)
Whether it's a server, an application, AD Group, or file collections, manage ownership through a simple view.

Know Your Risks

SPHEREboard shows you what is important! Highlight risk by high, medium or low-risk assets. Remediate the assets that have the biggest impact on overall risk to the organization. Additionally, SPHEREboard allows you to view the top 10 highest risk of assets across all business units.

Information for All

Whether you are an Executive, Middle-Management Professional, or Engineer. SPHEREboard provides easy to understand reports and drill-down capabilities.

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