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SPHERE Technology Solutions and Quest Helps Clients Secure Active Directory Groups

SPHERE Technology Solutions is proud to say they have been a long-time partner with Quest, leveraging their capabilities and tools to solve complex problems with simple solutions. SPHERE can enhance the Quest Microsoft Platform Management portfolio by combining their solutions with SPHERE’s own product solution, SPHEREboard, accompanied by the skills, expertise and technology solutions provided by SPHERE’s own engineers.

Active Directory Groups must be managed correctly as they touch a variety of platforms within the organization. Not having real-time visibility will cause gaps in many critical Governance, Risk and Compliance initiatives. Most recently, SPHERE and Quest have combined their strengths to come up with a solution for Active Directory Groups which are necessary for access to corporate resources such as data, systems and assets.

“SPHERE and Quest have worked hard on this project to address the challenges of identifying and remediating issues with Active Directory Groups using both Quest solutions and our analytic driven approach.” said Bill Noonan, Senior Director of Sales & Marketing. “We have seen great success with Quest and we are looking to see that continue.”

“Quest is fortunate to have partners like SPHERE who has a proven track record of delivering solutions to end users that integrate Quest software value with SPHERE developed solutions,” stated Brad Kirby, director of product management at Quest. “We are excited about what the next year will bring to the SPHERE/Quest partnership.”

Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide a specific solution to your Active Directory needs.

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