Our Unique Approach

SPHERE provides software and services for all entitlement needs across a wide array of functions.

End-to-End Workflow

We deliver an end-to-end workflow to understand the state of your environment, automate collection, identify immediate risks and seamlessly remediate.

Report with Intelligence.

You can’t remediate without intelligent collection. We automate it.
This is your data hunting hub. Logical organization, ownership and collection creation, plus security reporting -- all customized to how you manage your environment.

Remediate with Action.

Act on your data. Reduce your risk.
Your action hub delivers simple and flexible workflows for successful, immediate risk reduction. Think: automating outreach and reviews and making critical changes.

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Years of experience doing large-scale service projects led to the creation of a practical, repeatable purpose-built platform, SPHEREboard, combining risk reporting and analytics, actionable Intelligence, and automated remediation.


We deliver professional and managed services through SPHERExperts, coupled with automation via SPHEREboard, for immediate risk reduction, improved security and regulatory compliance.