Rebecca Ellis

Rebecca Ellis


Check Out My Assets!

Do you ever find yourself going through your desk and finding something, like a USB drive or old Blackberry device and think “huh, I didn’t know I still had this.” The same is true for data. You may own something that you had no idea you had. As...

RSA | Check us out at our Booth!

Meet us at RSA! Visit our booth #2366 and you'll get a chance to chat with our SPHERE team about your security needs! Feel free to stop by or schedule some time with us below where you can have a one-on-one chat with a SPHERE team member.  We hope...

Scan Every Hard Drive

Sensitive unstructured data doesn’t care where it lives, and neither do the hackers or insider threats that are trying to find and use it.  When it comes to securing data, organizations tend to focus on the big network-attached devices, filer servers...

How Unstructured Data Governance is Driving GDPR Compliance

GDPR has arrived. We’re seven months into a new regulatory world; yet only 29 percent of firms are “fully” compliant. While some firms have put the infrastructure in place to meet new regulatory guidelines, unstructured data hangs in the balance...and...

What Does the Future of Data Governance Hold?

Data growth is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. You may have already seen some of the mind-boggling statistics: 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day; 90% of the data across the planet were generated in the past 2 years; and digital...